Campsite is open from 1 May until 30 September. With prior booking, the campsite can be visited in October as well. Pets are not allowed in the campsite.




Plywood Laboratory


The history of the campsite dates back to the previous century, when a branch of the Vaivari sanatorium was opened here – already then, the experts were aware of the relaxing and healing properties of this place. In later years, the campsite came under several different owners, until it was purchased by AS Latvijas Finieris in 2001. Since then, the campsite has been welcoming guests from around the globe, and anyone who arrives at Abragciems gets to visit the unique birch plywood laboratory. Latvijas Finieris is the world’s leading manufacturer of this excellent timber product, and, at the campsite, you will have a chance to discover the endless applications of birch plywood.

Village of Both Capes


A significantly older story tells of two capes embracing a picturesque coast within the Gulf of Riga. It has always attracted people longing for a peaceful seaside life, and, as the number of houses grew, it was named Abu ragu ciems (Village of Both Capes). Nowadays, one of the historical capes is gone – it was washed away during a storm over 100 years ago, which also pushed the words in the name of the village into one.

The campsite is named after the nearby village, while its logo represents the historical capes. Is its similarity to a Viking helmet merely a coincidence? The history of Abragciems provides no evidence of such visitors. Although, the sea can wash ashore many a surprise. Come and see what you can find!



Jūrtaka - E9 part of the European long-distance Baltic Coastal Hiking Route - winds along the campsite. If you are passing by, you are welcome. Here you can dry your wet and clean dirty clothes, boots and other personal equipment, take a shower, and have a meal. If you call in advance and book a place, we will provide accommodation. In addition, there is a lot to see in the surroundings of the campsite. At reception you will find all the necessary information about nature and cultural tourism opportunities nearby, which you can quickly reach on foot. Our hospitality is confirmed by the “Hiker-friendly” sign awarded to the campsite.