At the café and the grilling area

At the café


There is a wise old saying that fresh sea air stimulates appetite. And why wouldn’t it? A delicious meal goes hand in hand with excellent leisure. When staying at the campsite or simply passing by, make sure to visit the café with an outdoor terrace. Breakfast coffee with pancakes, a juicy roast, a glass of cold beer…

By ordering ahead, you will be served vegetarian, gluten-free or lactose-free dishes made especially for you.


The grilling area


We are well aware of the irresistible power that the smell of cooked meat possesses. Therefore, to avoid tempting other guests, we offer two fully equipped grilling areas for cooking your own food, as well as a chance to purchase firewood. Don’t forget to bring your own coal!

Within the rest of the campsite’s territory and inside the cabins cooking is not allowed – let the smell of pine and fresh sea air reign there!


Fried fish feasts 


If the local fishermen have been lucky, they will be selling their catch, fresh or smoked, in the nearby villages. During the sprat season in July and August, the campsite treats guests to special fried fish feasts on select days. Although we cannot predict when it will happen. Visit us, and maybe you will be in for this unique surprise.