Sunbathing, sports and nature – all in one


At the Abragciems campsite, you will find a white sandy beach with changing cabins, which has been recognised as one the cleanest Blue Flag beaches in Latvia for several years in a row. For three hours (from 11:00 until 14:00), the swimmers will be watched by a lifeguard, but the sea is safe for visitors of all ages outside these hours as well, as it is shallow and gets deeper very gradually. After your dip, you can rinse yourself off in the freshwater shower located in the dunes.


Motion is Power 

For active leisure with your family or friends, the campsite has created basketball, beach volleyball and mini-football fields within its territory. Don’t worry if you leave your ball at home, as we offer to rent one. 


Befriend the Sea

The gently rocking waves, warm sunrays and the smile of your significant other… At Abragciems, you will find everything your heart desires: romantic rides, unforgettable family fun or individual challenges.

  • Rowing boat
  • Water bike


For Summer Evenings

When the sun is slipping beyond the horizon or hiding behind a cloud, or when you simply desire some shade, the indoor premises of Abragciems also promises fun and excitement.

  • Novuss
  • Pool
  • Table tennis
  • Checkers
  • Fun Games for Families

We believe there is no greater value than a close-knit, friendly family. For some fun together, we offer a large range of games, which changes and grows with each year. Just ask and you shall not be bored! The only thing we want in return is the sound of children’s laughter.


Expedition in Nature 

Hikes don’t have to be long – take your kids by the hand and explore the diversity of the pine forest within the campsite’s territory. Or stroll along the beach while watching water birds and the relaxing ebb and flow of the waves.

If you are up for greater discoveries, a couple of kilometres along the forest trail is Lake Engure Nature Park, where the largest coastal lake in Latvia will surprise you with rare plants, hairy wild cows and horses. It is worth visiting not only during the annual birdwatching days in spring and autumn, but also at the height of the orchid blooming season during the hottest months. Whereas, in the berry season, you can pick blueberries and lingonberries, and, if you’re lucky, some penny buns too.